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Leading Australia in commercial kitchen fixtures, 3monkeez stocks a range of metallic basins for almost any food preparation application. With over 10 years experience in the Australian market we have developed the highest quality domestic and commercial stainless steel sinks available. We are a one-stop shop for practical, and reliable kitchen solutions for the home, restaurant, café, health care facility, laboratory or factory.

Our extensive selection includes hands-free basins, fabricated bowls, pressed bowls, hospital basins, laboratory bowls and more. We can also custom make specific sink products to your requirements. Our quality stainless steel kitchen sinks, can be used with our Australian designed Scrap Trap range of waste outlets. As well as kitchen basins and bowls, we also stock plug and wastes, our uniquely designed Scrap Baskets and other accessories. We also now offer a wide range of commercial grade sink design files for all of our products. These are extremely useful for architects, town planners and builders who wish to integrate our sink products into their plans as easily as possible.

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The best gauge for stainless steel sink is 18 gauge(1.2mm), 16 gauge (1.5mm), or thicker. 3monkeez offers a range of gauges for stainless steel sinks, in gauges from 1-2mm for all your stainless steel sink needs.

The best material to use for a kitchen sink is stainless steel. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are resistant to heat, do not stain and are durable. They are considered the best material for kitchen sinks because they can withstand heavy usage and are easy to clean.

Here’s how to choose a good stainless steel sink:

  • A good stainless steel sink should be 1-2mm in thickness
  • Choose a thicker gauge for extra durability for commercial use
  • Consider the stainless steel sink size you need for your interior
  • Consider commercial or residential usage
  • Should be easy to clean

The most durable kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel. A 1.5-2mm stainless steel kitchen sink will be the most durable, stain and heat-resistant. The thicker the kitchen sink, the more durable it will be.

Stainless steel sinks are good because of their longevity and durability. They are a good choice for commercial and residential use because they are easy to clean, stain and heat resistant, and do not chip or crack.

A 304 stainless steel sink is more durable and more resistant to corrosion than a typical stainless steel sink. 304 stainless steel have more chromium and nickel added to stainless steel which makes the stainless steel sink more resistant to wear and tear.


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Catering and Hospitality

Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Canteens, Hotels, Motels, Night Clubs, Cafes, Food Vans

hf bowls(all), pressed sink bowls(all), Weld in Ice Wells(All), Stainless Steel Drawers(all), Hand Basins(all), cleaners sinks(all), Trade waste solutions excluding SSDBW, FW-130TI, fW-130WWI, pw-50ss316), Glass and Dishwasher Racks(all), plumbing and sanitary (excluding – WC-SSAP, WC-SSAS, WC-SSDP, WC-SSDS, WC-SSDCP, WC-SSDCS, CS-TUND, Clay and plaster traps), washroom accesories(all), Commercial tapware (all), M-FT-1, M-FT-2


Health and Laboratory

Aged Care, Hospitals, Laboratories, Testing Facilities, Veterinary, Medical Centres, Dental


Schools, Universities, Child Care, Training Centres, Tafe

Residential and Domestic

Bathrooms, Courtyards, Kitchens, Driveways, Pools, Entertaining Areas, Drainage, Apartments,

“In2gr8(all), M-FT-5, M-FT-6, M-FT-3, FW-130TI, FW-130WWI, SSDBW, Basin Mixers, Sink Mixers, Pressed Sink Bowls (all), T-3MTWIN-B – Basin
T-3MTWIN-S – Sink”


Public Amenities

Public Toilets and Washrooms, Sporting facilities,  Stadiums, Public Transport Facilities, Pavilions, Shopping Centres, Public Spaces, Entertainment Venues

Commercial Drainage

Supermarkets, Public Spaces, Commercial Kitchens, Driveways, Carparks, Factories, Shopping Centres

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Stainless Steel Sinks

Hand Fabricated, Laboraotry Bowls, Round, Inset Sinks

As the one stop shop for stainless steel manufacturers, commercial kitchen installers and the catering industry 3monkeez stocks a full range of  hand fabricated bowls. 3monkeez has been manufacturing and distributing sinks and accesories in Australia for over 10 years and continues to provide thebest quality hand fabricated sinks available in the market today.


Hand Fabricated Bowls

Hand Fabricated Bowls, Laboratory Bowls

As the one stop shop for stainless steel manufacturers, commercial kitchen installers and the catering industry 3monkeez stocks a full range of  hand fabricated bowls. 3monkeez has been manufacturing and distributing sinks and accesories in Australia for over 10 years and continues to provide thebest quality hand fabricated sinks available in the market today.


Pressed Sink Bowls

Round Pressed Sink Bowls, Inset Bar Sinks, Inset Steel Sinks

3monkeez pressed sinks come in a range of sizes and shapes and can be top mounted or under mounted.
All our pressed bowls are constructed from 1.00mm 304 grade stainless steel and feature centre outlets which are suitable for use with the 3monkeez range of Watermark approved plug and wastes.


Insulated Ice Wells

Insulated Stainelss Steel Ice Wells

3monkeez stainless steel insulated ice wells are a high-quality product designed and tested for commercial applications.
3monkeez is confident we can provide all the components for your next project, from insulated ice wells, tapware, quality sinks, hand basins, wedge wire, and all your component and hardware requirements.
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Stainless Steel Drawers

Drawers, Gastronom Drawers

With 3 options available – with lock – without lock and a gastronorm drawer – we can provide a solution for most applications.
All our drawers are able to be mounted underneath a bench or custom manufactured into free standing units
Stainless Steel Drawers represent a durable, stylish and long lasting solution to storage and are perfect for storing heavy duty equipment, like sauce pans, spare parts or tools of the trade
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Hand Basins Including Hands Free

Round, Corner, Compact, Inset, With Splashback, Jumbo, Hands Free Knee OperatedRound Hand Basins

3monkeez offers a full range of stainless steel hand basins. The many configurations available include wall mount, compact, jumbo, integrated splashback, rectangle, round, corner and the cleverly designed 11 litre compact unit. In addition, 3monkeez also offers hands free knee operated hand basins – with integrated wall brackets – in two distinct styles, pre plumbed with the option of a tempering valve.


Cleaners Sinks

Cleaners Sinks with Legs and Adjustable Feet, Cleaners Sinks with Wall Mount Brackets

Our cleaners sinks come with a heavy duty hinged grate and feature a 90mm outlet suitable for use with the 3monkeez watermark approved BW90 plug and waste or Scrap Trap.
3monkeez can also custom manufacture floor mounted cleaners’ sinks and sluice sinks on request.
Also known as mop sinks as they are designed for a mop bucket to be placed on the heavy duty hinged grate.


Trade Waste Solutions

Sink Waste Arrestors, Sink Wastes, Basket Wastes, Floor Wastes, Shut Off Valves, Plugs, Point Drains

As the home of the original, approved and trademarked SCRAP TRAP range, 3monkeez can offer the best solution for trade waste screening and can ensure your establishment complies with all the standards and plumbing code requirements.
3monkeez SCRAPTRAP range includes Cast Stainless dry basket arrestors in 304 Grade and 316 grade and composite Stainless Steel and Plastic construction and our trade waste pre-screening SCRAP BASKET constructed of ABS plastic.


Glass Racks and Dishwasher Racks

Glass Rack Kits, Accessories, Dishwasher Rack Kits, Dishwasher Rack Accessories

As the one stop shop for stainless steel manufacturers, catering, plumbing and drainage industries, 3monkeez stocks adjustable stainless steel glass racks, dishwasher racks and accessories
Our glass and dishwasher racks are flat packed to make for easy transportation and assembly and feature four pairs of adjustable tray slides. The system is able to be expanded by using glass rack add on bays allowing infinite storage combinations.



Pattern Troughs, Inset Troughs, Practical Activities, Bubbler Troughs, Walls End Pattern, PWD Troughs, Free Standing, School Pattern Troughs, With Lockable Lids, Custom Design Troughs

As the premier provider of Stainless Steel Solutions for the plumbing, drainage and catering industries, 3monkeez offers a full range of stainless steel wash troughs, bubbler troughs; wash down troughs and scrub troughs. 3monkeez – stainless steel solutions – manufactures to order:-  pattern troughs, inset troughs, practical activities troughs, bubbler troughs, walls end pattern troughs, PWD troughs, free standing stainless steel troughs, school pattern troughs, stainless steel troughs with lockable lids and custom design stainless steel troughs.


Plumbing & Sanitary

Urinals, Urinal Accessories, Button spreaders, Domed Grates, Urinettes, Cisterns, Arrestors,In Wall Tundish, Mirrors

Stainless Steel Slab Urinals, stainless steel deluxe slab urinals, stainless steel wall hung urinals, urinal accessories including sparge adaptors, button spreaders, rear entry button spreaders, urinal domed grates, urinettes, stainless steel pull chain cisterns, and dual flush cisterns, as well as blank cistern cases for use with auto flushing systems. We also stock stainless steel clay and plaster arrestors, in wall tundish assemblies, and stainless steel mirrors.


Stainless Steel Grab Rails

Straight, Angled, Back Rests Grab Rails, Backrests



Washroom Accessories

Toilet Roll Holders, Plastic Signs, Soap Dispensers, Shelves, Seats, Hooks, Indicator Sets, Baby Change Stations

Washroom Accessories


Channel and Grating

wedge wire grates, 6x6mm square bar grates, 10x10mm square bar grates, Non slip grate options and wide variety of channel and drainage profiles

3monkeez are specialists when it comes to stainless steel grating and channel, drainage solutions and bar top grates.
We manufacture and stock: wedge wire grates, 6x6mm square bar grates, 10x10mm square bar grates, Non slip grate options and wide variety of channel and drainage profiles are available.


3monkeez In2Gr8 Strip Drain

In2Gr8 Strip Drains, Modular Channels with Wedge Wire Grates and Tile Inserts

The 3monkeez In2Gr8 strip drain systems are the perfect architectural drainage solution for any drainage application. Not only are they visually stunning compared to traditional shower grates, but they also feature a shallow depth channel making them an ideal choice for areas that have a shallow clearance.


Wedge Wire

3monkeez stocks 3 profiles WWG-100, WWG-200, and WWG-300 and are available in both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel.

Wedge Wire is a versatile stainless steel product for use in drainage, screening and architectural applications.
Stainless Steel Wedge Wire or surescreen is unique in nature as by design it reduces the possibility of clogging or blocking due to the inherent characteristics of the wedge shape of the wire and the surface area differential between the upper and lower sides of the wire.


Hardware & Components

Adjustable Feets, Leg Inserts, Drawer Handles and Pulls, Tube Closures, Mounting Plates

3monkeez holds in stock drawer handles and pulls, tube closures, stainless and nylon adjustable feet – including pin, lug and disc, utility locks, Stainless Steel flag and piano hinges, and mounting plates. Options of zinc plate, stainless steel and nylon construction available and ready for delivery.
As your one stop shop for stainless steel fabricators 3monkeez is confident we can provide all the components for your next project, from commercial tap ware, quality stainless steel sinks ,hand basins, wedge wire, and all your component and hardware requirements.


Commercial Tapware Range

Pre Rinse Units, Tap Bodies, Hoses, Valves, Basin Mixers, Sink Mixers, Accessories

3monkeez range are durable and designed for use in commercial kitchens, hospitals, entertainment venues, bars, and restaurants and are fully watermarked and WELS approved.
Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet the rigourous demands of the toughest of environments, 3monkeez offers a full 12 month parts and labour warranty. Additional products include  wall mount cleaners sink assemblies, twiner mixers, bib taps, bubblers, push button pillar taps, pot fillers, knee valves and all spare parts and accessories.


Custom Manufacture

Troughs, Benches, Cleaner Sinks, Legs, Floor Sumps, Orifice Plates

3monkeez capabilities include custom making stainless steel products to your requirements – Stainless Steel Laboratory Sink Bowls, Stainless Steel Scrub Troughs, Dirty Utilities Sinks, Stainless Steel Tundishes, Stainless Steel Troughs, Grating and Channel, Stainless Steel Flanged Sink Bowls, Raw Edge Weld in Sink Bowls, Stainless Steel Floor Sumps and Wastes, Floor Mounted Cleaners Sinks, Stainless Steel Non Slip Grating Profiles, Stainless Steel Slop Hoppers, Splashbacks, Brackets, Stainless Steel Flush Pipes and many more.

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