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Commercial Drainage

Commercial Drainage


Explore the 3monkeez comprehensive selection of stainless steel drainage solutions, meticulously designed for commercial applications. Our products are engineered to handle the demanding conditions of commercial environments, ensuring efficient water management and long-term durability.

Our range includes a variety of floor grates, channel drains, and bucket traps that are perfect for areas requiring robust, easy-to-maintain, and hygienic drainage solutions. These products are ideal for kitchens, food processing facilities, and any commercial spaces where superior drainage is essential.

Additionally, we offer grease arrestors and oil separators that are critical for managing waste in commercial kitchens and automotive industries. These systems help in maintaining plumbing integrity by preventing blockages and ensuring that waste is handled efficiently and environmentally responsibly.

3monkeez is committed to innovation and quality. Our drainage solutions are constructed from high-grade stainless steel, providing resistance to corrosion and easy cleaning. This makes them not only practical but also cost-effective, as they minimize the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Equip your commercial facility with 3monkeez trusted drainage solutions to enhance operational efficiency and maintain high hygiene standards. With our expertly designed products, you can ensure that your drainage requirements are met with the highest level of reliability and performance.