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Our Brands

Our Brands



3monkeez® are specialists when it comes to trade wastes. Our extensive Scraptrap® range offers simple and effective designs that are sure to provide you with the best solution for trade waste screening. Our simple and effective design protects the environment by preventing scraps from entering drains. Our industry-leading design is always complemented by complete stainless steel construction, to ensure that our products are not only functional but will withstand the rigours of any commercial application. Explore our large range of in-floor and in-sink options ideal for use in any food preparation area today, and ‘set the right trap’


Being the first full Pre-Rinse Units constructed from complete stainless steel, 3monkeez® range of Clean-A-Jet® is an industry-leading solution. With careful design considerations, our Pre-Rinse Units not only sport a clean, attractive appearance, but they are also able to meet the demands of even the toughest commercial applications to provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Supported by a 2-year on-site warranty, we are confident that our Pre-Rinse units are the perfect solution for any commercial application. Equipped with our unique variable spray gun, its durability is matched with practicality, making it easy to adjust the intensity of the spray for any situation.

Guardian Tapware®

For an attractive and practical solution for your next project, 3monkeez® Guardian Tapware® is the only choice. Each product is carefully engineered from complete stainless steel - combining durability and strength with a visually appealing design, all while protecting your health. From mixer taps to bubblers and even sensor taps, there is bound to be a product to suit your next project. Supported by a 2-year on-site warranty, we are confident that our Guardian Tapware® offers an industry-leading solution that can withstand even the most demanding application.


For a design that will compliment your next bathroom, courtyard, or outdoor project, 3monkeez® range of In2Gr8® grates and drains are the perfect option. The goal of our wide range of linear and point drains is in the name, to integrate seamlessly and offer a fuss-free solution that will suit any application. All our In2Gr8® products are available with your choice of wedge-wire or tile insert; to provide style, functionality and practicality. Constructed primarily from full stainless steel, this range will provide a lifetime of satisfaction, free from scratches and resistant to even the toughest environments.