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Public Amenities

Public Amenities


Explore top-tier stainless steel solutions for public amenities at 3monkeez, where we provide durable and efficient products designed to meet the unique demands of public facility environments. Our offerings are perfect for municipal buildings, parks, transport terminals, and other public spaces that require robust, long-lasting installations.

Our selection features high-quality stainless steel toilets, urinals, and wash basins, engineered for high traffic areas and built to withstand frequent use while maintaining a clean and modern appearance. These units are designed with public health and safety in mind, ensuring easy maintenance and superior hygiene.

In addition to essential sanitary ware, we also offer a variety of accessories such as grab rails, soap dispensers, and hand dryers to complete the functionality of any public restroom or amenity space. Our products are compliant with accessibility standards, making them suitable for all users, including those with disabilities.

3monkeez is dedicated to sustainability and efficiency. Our water management systems, including self-closing taps and water-saving devices, are designed to reduce water usage, benefiting both the environment and the facility's operational costs.

Rely on 3monkeez for your public amenities needs. Our products combine practicality with innovative design to enhance the usability and durability of public facilities. Trust us to equip your space with the best in the market, ensuring satisfaction for every user and facility manager.