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Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms

3monkeez® Warranty Conditions & Exclusions

Subject to the warranty conditions and exclusions set out below 3monkeez® products are warranted to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of 12 months service life, 24 months/2 years’ service life or 60 months/5 years’ service life – as set out in table below. If the product is sold by a party other than 3monkeez®, then it is sold by that seller as principal and the seller has no authority from 3monkeez® to give any additional warranty on behalf of 3monkeez®.

The benefits of this warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies which the purchaser may have under the trade practices act or similar laws of each state or territory in Australia.


The product must be installed by an appropriately licensed contractor in accordance with our installation instructions, Plumbing Code of Australia (for all plumbing related products) and in line with the appropriate standard (see AS/NZS3500 for all plumbing products) current at the date of installation and all relevant statutory and local requirements in the state or Territory in which the product is installed.

Where the product is installed outside the boundaries of a metropolitan area as defined by 3monkeez,® the cost of transport insurance and traveling shall be the purchasers responsibility.

The product must be returned to 3monkeez® with appropriate supporting documentation.

Where a product, or part of a product, is replaced the warranty term will not renew. The warranty term continues from the date of purchase of the original product, subject to the terms specified herein.

5 Year Warranty2 Year Warranty

Other Exclusions

  • Damage has been caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, incorrect installation or acts of god.
  • It is found there is no product fault.
  • The failure of the product is due to faulty or non-compliant installation of the water supply.
  • The product has failed as a direct result of excessive water pressure or temperature outside the installation and application guidelines.
  • The product has failed due to foreign matter; either from the water supply or installation.
  • The failure of the product is due wholly, or in part, by the installation not complying with the appropriate AS/NZS standards or relevant state or territory requirements.
  • Subject to any statutory requirements to the contrary, claims for damage to furniture, carpets, walls or foundations or any other consequential loss, either directly or indirectly, due to malfunction of the product are also excluded from warranty.
12 Months / 1 Year Custom manufactured items
Pre plumbing
Tapware inlet/flexible hoses
Pre rinse hoses
3monkeez toilet seats
24 Months / 2 Years “Guardian” tapware
“Clean-A-Jet” tapware
All other 3monkeez tapware items
Jumper valves
Pre rinse hoses
Tapware inlet/flexible hoses
60 Months / 5 Years All other items Third Party Supplied Products Cistern valves
Cistern buttons
Inlet/flexible hoses
“Guardian” tapware
“Clean-A-Jet” tapware
All other 3monkeez tapware items Tempering valves
Pressure reduction valves Sealant
Pan bends