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Toilets, Plumbing & Sanitary

Toilets, Plumbing & Sanitary

3monkeez range of stainless steel plumbing and sanitary solutions have been specifically designed, manufactured and tested to ensure there is an option to suit a variety of commercial applications, inlcuding schools and other educational facilities. 

From urinals, to toilets and cisterns every product has been skilfully designed, tested and manufactured from 100% stainless steel to provide not only a functional but a long-lasting product. Like all 3monkeez products the range of Plumbing and Sanitary products benefit from the scratch resistant, corrosion free, durable and hardwearing characteristics of stainless steel. This makes our range of UrinalsToilets, Cisterns and Clay and Plaster Arrestors ideally suited to education applications, especially where ease of maintenace and durability is of importance.

The 3monkeez range of Plumbing & Sanitary products are also versatile, with off-the-shelf and custom options available, and disabled and ambulant configurations available for almost all product ranges. Browse the range and you are bound to find the ideal product to suit your next project. Reach our for any custom manufacture requests and we will assist you in designing a product to perfectly suityour requirements. Renowned for our exceptional customer service, industry-leading delivery times and product warranties, we look forward to helping you find exactly what you need.


The 3monkeez range of Urinals have been expertly designed and manufactured with your requirements in mind. Every 3monkeez Urinal is manufactured fro 100% stainless steel to offer a scratch-resistant, corrosion-free, hardwearing and durable product that is bound to provide a lifetime of satisfaction, even when installed in the most demanding environments. 

Our range of urinals have also been designed with versatility in mind. 3monkeez Urinals are available in a wide range of configurations, from our Standard Wall Hung Urinal, to our Standard Slab Urinal, Rear and Top Entry Pod Urinals and complete Wall Hung Urinal Kit. Each product is WELS approved, feature modern appearances and available off the shelf for immediate delivery

To ensure that there is 3monkeez product to suit your needs there are also a range of customisable, made to order urinals available. See the Deluxe Slab Urinal that incorporates a unique returned sparge that maximises water efficiency, or the Wall Hung Urinal perfect for temporary applications such as mobile amblution amenties. Both are custom made with customisable inlet type, location, size and unit length.

Browse the Urinal range today and discover not only our industry leading range of urinals, but also a large range of accessories inlcuding Stainless Steel Flush Pipes, Domed Grates, Spreaders and Sparge Adapters. 


3monkeez range of toilets have been expertly designed and manufactured to provide not only a durable product, but one that will suit a wide variety of commercial applications. 

As always, 3monkeez has manufactured its range of toilets from complete stainless steel. Each product benefits from those unmatched characteristics of stainless steel, being durable, scratch resistant and corrosion free.

3monkeez range of toilets is versatile to ensure there is an option to suit every application. From Wall Faced Toilet Pans, to Pedestal Toilet Pans available in P or S Trap configurations, Combination Units, and Long Drop Pan. Each feature a satin finish, a vandal proof design perfect for public amenities, council rest areas, schools, nightclubs and areas where low maintenance toilet pans are a necessity. They are also available with limited customisable options. 

Our range of toilets also include disabled and ambulant compliant products. See our Disabled Pedestal Toilet Pans with P or S Trap configurations and available with pre-fixed with customisable inlet type, location, size and unit length Assistance Toilet Seats. And, our Disabled Wall-Faced Toilet Pan and Close Coupled Wall Faced Disabled Toilet Pan, all of which are disabled complaint and can be specified in such applications. The 3monkeez Ambulant Toilet Pan and Ambulant Wall Faced Close Coupled Toilet Pan are also AS1428 compliant, to be used for ambulant applications. 

3monkeez also offers a range of toilet seats, available in different colours and configurations that can be used with our range of toilets and are available pre-fixed on some products.


3monkzez offers a wide range of cisterns, that feature water saving technology and complete stainless steel construction, making them ideally suited to commercial applications. 

Every cistern is manufactured from complete stainless steel for a lifetime of satisfaction, even when installed in the most rigorous of commercial settings. See our Stainless Steel Side Press Cistern, Dual Flush Front Press Cistern and Pull Chain Cistern, all featuring a WELS approved 3 star rating and  water saving half flush features. 

3monkeez also stocks a range of disabled and ambulant complaint cisterns. The Disabled Complaint Dual Flush Cistern, available in several configurations and AS1428 Compliant. 

Clay and Plaster Arrestors 

3monkeez offers Clay and Plaster Arrestors, Clay Arrestors and Plaster Arrestors all specifically designed for application in schools, art studios and other educational and medical facilities.

For seamless storage and drainage of your clay or plaster, our clay and plaster arrestors keep your plumbing smooth and unclogged. Designed as a water filtration system built into your sink, these arrestors and traps are important in maintaining a functional working space. Our arrestors and traps rely on gravity and an intricate filtration system ensures that plaster and clay debris don’t block your drain. Crafted from 304-grade stainless steel, they feature a removable filter basket that allows you to empty the contents quickly

This range of products feature removable filler baskets and removable lids for ease of use anf cleaning. Manufactured from stainless steel they are also durable and will offer a lifetime of satisfaction.

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