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Proper plumbing is a critical process when establishing our facilities as it serves to provide access to water, movement of other liquids and gases, and the draining of sewage among other things. Stainless steel offers a broad range of benefits to designers and architects of plumbing systems due to its low corrosion rate in water, ability to withstand high flow rates and easy installation as the pipes are reduced in size due to their strength. 

Why Use Stainless Steel in Plumbing

Although the initial cost of stainless steel apparatuses such as sinks, pipes, bathtubs, taps and other drain system products may seem high, a stainless steel project is almost always the best option due to its guaranteed durability. This article highlights some of the key advantages of stainless steel integration in the plumbing system.

Ease of installation

Stainless Steel Plumbing ProductsCombining the high strength and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel allows a reduction of diameter in pipes and taps, wall thickness and weight such as in bathtubs, laundry tubs, and sinks, therefore making it easy to install. It is also ductile and can easily bend or cut when you are using appropriate tooling. The stainless steel press fittings are very efficient to use in joints and suitable for installation where space or access is limited or where the use of heat is a challenge.

Corrosion protection

Low-alloyed grades of steel provide resistance to corrosion in pure water environments while the high-alloyed grades will resist corrosion in the high alkaline solutions, acids, and conditions bearing chlorine.

Low maintenance

Stainless steel systems can have a lifetime of over 50 years which is far longer than its competing materials. Less or no maintenance is required after installation. Therefore, the system downtime is reduced. Moreover, it requires no additional coating, and so the overall maintenance cost is reduced. The initial cost may seem higher than competing materials but the economic value of stainless steel increases over time.


The installation of stainless steel is clean and does not contaminate the system if performed properly. This is most important in the case of pipes and taps that serve people with clean water for drinking and other household purposes.


Plumbing MaterialsThe long lifetime of stainless steel is the result of the alloying composition. It offers a long-term value and therefore the least expensive option where considering installation of plumbing systems such as pipes, sinks and several other household items related to plumbing.

Aesthetic value

The blending of stainless steel installations with the modern interior and architecture design is perfect. The look of stainless steel is also appealing and therefore can be left visible without painting.

A wise consumer will always choose materials that are not only in perfect performance condition but also have a long service life. When considering longevity and cost-effectiveness, stainless steel will always be your option in any plumbing system installation. Using stainless will help you avoid many common problems in you commercial kitchen or bathroom. Its aesthetic benefit is also an added advantage coupled with environmentally friendly features such as the ability to be fully recycled and free from contamination when correctly installed.

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