What could be more fitting for a public men’s room than a urinal made of stainless steel? Stainless steel urinals are strong, durable, vandal resistant, and water-efficient. Not only do they consume less water per flush than a toilet, they are also easy to install, and do not need much space.

A good urinal will have a WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Standard) rating, which guarantees performance requirements. Stainless steel urinals are perfect for high-traffic restrooms such as those found in restaurants, schools, sports stadiums and office buildings. Moreover, the urinals are hygienic, aesthetic and made specifically to fit any business’ needs.

Businesses can save up to 15,000 gallons of water per urinal. One feature of stainless steel urinals is the flushing system. Only single user bathrooms should use manual flushing systems. However, advanced flushing systems such as timed, automatic, or waterless are very cost-effective. Timed flush urinals function at regular intervals through a constant drip-feed or electronic controller. This is wasteful when restrooms are rarely used. Automatic flush urinals have infrared sensors that only activate when necessary. As a result, toilets stay flushed and odour free. Of course, waterless urinals conserve the most water. Most waterless urinals use a cartridge insert filled with a chemical sealant that traps urine and prevents the release of odours.

Additionally, stainless steel urinals are lightweight and less fragile than porcelain mounted urinals. Besides, they are easy and quick to install. You can mount a stainless steel urinal on a platform or install it below floor level.

Similarly, a temporary stainless steel urinal offers peace of mind while participating in activities where a public restroom is not available. For example, a stainless steel urinal is useful on board a boat or any other circumstance where a toilet is not easily accessible.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, stainless steel urinals are highly stain resistant. This unique surface does not have any pores and keeps bacteria at bay. The protective surface is also vandal- resistant.

In a nutshell, stainless steel urinals are timeless, attractive and sanitary. Yet, the greatest benefits come from conserving water and reducing cost.