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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions


3monkeez offers comprehensive storage solutions crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ideal for commercial settings requiring durable and aesthetically pleasing organization options. The product range includes glass racks, dishwasher racks, and stainless steel drawers, each designed for the specific demands of commercial environments. The glass and dishwasher racks are notably robust and stylish, arriving flat-packed for easy transportation and simple assembly. These racks feature adjustable tray slides, and their modular nature allows for the addition of extra bays, enabling a customizable storage capacity to suit various needs. Additionally, these racks can integrate seamlessly with 3monkeez stainless steel insulated ice wells, providing a practical solution for venues requiring chilled storage.

Further enhancing the lineup, 3monkeez offers stainless steel drawers that are versatile enough to be mounted under counters or configured into stand-alone units. These drawers are specifically engineered to accommodate heavy-duty items such as large saucepans and other substantial kitchen equipment. This range of products not only maximizes space efficiency but also complements any commercial kitchen or bar area with its clean, modern look. Overall, 3monkeez delivers on both functionality and style, making it a go-to choice for businesses looking to optimize their storage solutions with reliable, long-lasting products.