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Product Installation

Product Installation


How to install Urinal Accessories Kit


How to install Pod Urinal


How to install Knee-Operated Hand Basin


How to install & maintain Clay & Plaster Arrestor


How to install Wall Hung Urinal


How to install PWD Troughs


How to adjust Guardian Sensor Tap Sensor Range


How to replace Clean-A-Jet Pre-Rinse Hose


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How to install ScrapTrap Shut Off Valve


How to install ScrapTrap

3monkeez range of trade waste solutions, including our industry-leading Scrap Traps, have been designed specifically with durability and functionality in mind. The original and approved Scrap Trap range of sink basket arrestors set the industry standard for trade waste solutions, sporting a functional design and complete stainless steel construction. This range is ideal for application in commercial kitchens, hotels, hospitals and laboratories, where protection of drainage systems from waste by-products is a priority.

How to install Guardian Mixer Tap

Constructed from 100% stainless steel, the range of Guardian™ Mixer Tapware by 3monkeez® offers not only convenience but the strength and durability afforded by complete stainless steel construction. This streamlined design is popular in many commercial, and even residential settings; coming to dominate many new kitchen and bathroom projects. Being new designed completely from stainless steel, meaning durability, strength and scratch resistance compliment the beautiful design.

How to install Guardian Hob Sensor Tap

Made from 100% stainless steel, the Guardian™ Sensor Tap by 3monkeez® offers not only convenience but the strength and durability afforded by complete stainless steel construction. This makes it especially suited to a number of commercial applications, specifically public amenities, being a product that protects water quality and public health. It also employs hands-free technology for a hygienic solution and reliable contact-free solution to hand-washing in public settings.

How to install Clean-A-Jet Pre Rinse Unit

Being the first full Pre-Rinse Units constructed from complete stainless steel, 3monkeez®  range of Clean-A-Jet™ is an industry-leading solution. With careful design considerations, our Pre-Rinse Units not only sport a clean, attractive appearance, but they are also able to meet the demands of even the toughest commercial applications to provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Supported by a 2-year on-site warranty, we are confident that our Pre-Rinse units are the perfect solution for any commercial application.