Here at 3monkeez we thought we would do something a little different for you. That is to teach you a little more about the team at 3monkeez. Each employee has filled out a questionnaire.

Here you can learn more about: 3monkeez Victoria and Tasmania State Sales Manager, Ross Fichera

Name? Ross Fichera

When did you start at 3monkeez? 5th March 2012

What is your role at 3monkeez? State Sales Manager – Victoria/Tasmania

What is your favourite thing about your role? Meeting the diverse customer base within two states of Australia.

Do you have a pet/pets? Are gold fish in an aquarium classified as a pet? If so… Yes!!

If you could own any animal as a pet, what would it be? I want a dog, a golden labrador.

Do you have any hobbies? Yes. I enjoy going to the gym, I love the movies and I follow AFL Team Carlton.

What is your favourite colours? Navy Blue and Black.

What is your favourite food? Italian of course!

What is your favourite TV shows? Really Enjoyed the early Underbelly series, Two and Half Men when Charlie Sheen was in it, The AFL Footy Show. When I have time I watch mainly Cable TV.

What is your favourite movie? Too many to mention and very diverse, let’s see, The Godfather movies, The Rocky Movies, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, The Girl next Door and The Batman movies.

Who is your favourite singer/band? Anything from the 80’s

What is your favourite song at the moment? Anything from the 80’s

Who is your favourite NRL team? Melbourne Storm

What radio stations do you listen to? AM 1116 SEN or 104.3Gold FM

What countries do you most want to travel to and why? United States and Europe. Fascinated with the History of Europe and USA because I worked in New York for a year when the twin towers were still there. I saw 45 of the 52 states of America that year.

Which season do you like the most? I love the warm days of autumn before winter sets in.

What is one thing you have done for the first time in the past year? Fallen in love…….with chicken Thai green curry!!!!!!

What is one thing you want to do but have not done yet? Scream with joy when the last payment of the Mortgage is paid in 20 years’ time.

Now you know more about Ross FIchera. Next time you speak to him maybe you should ask him which of the 52 states in America he did not see.