The 3monkeez team is helping the children of Cambodia! Over the past year we have been working with an NGO in the Roka Village, north of Siem Reap to help bring free electricity to a local school.

The New Hope of Children School was started by Dara Seam (Mr. Prosh) in his own home before he was able to buy a small parcel of land to expand upon. The school provides education to around 300 children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.

The main objective of NHCA is to offer free English, dancing, and painting classes to local children, while also offering free food those living in extreme poverty. You can find out more about the New Hope of Children Association and their mission here.

Purchasing electricity to power the school is quite expensive, as due to lack of infrastructure in Cambodia it has to be purchased from Thailand. To reduce this burden 3monkeez has donated solar panels to power the school, and arranged for their delivery and installation.

Despite some challenges faced during the solar system installation, including regular interruptions from heavy rains, the panels are now fully functioning and powering the school. This has alleviated a monthly financial burden of over US$100 a month, which may not sound like much, but in an area where the average school teacher makes less than US$80 a month it makes a big difference!

3monkeez are happy to be able to help advance the education and livelihoods of the children and community of Roka Village, and will continue to support the school and the NHCA in the future.

If you would like to support the children of Cambodia in person, feel free to get in touch with the NHCA or contact our team.


Some of they lovely and super friendly children from The New Hope of Children School posing under their new school powering solar panels.


The Solar panel installation complete on the roof of one of the school buildings.