3monkeez now have Wedge Wire for Screen Applications Available

Wedge wire is a versatile material for drainage and screening applications and is now available from the 3monkeez.
As the name suggests wedge wire is unique in nature as by design it reduces the possibility of clogging or blocking due to the inherent characteristics of the wedge shape of the wire and the surface area differential between the upper and lower sides of the wire
Wedge wire grating also has high flow characteristics making it ideal for drainage and wash-down applications as it provides a substantial clear opening in ratio to the overall surface area of the grate.
In addition wedge wire is aesthetically pleasing when used in grating and drainage applications and will complement most environments.

As with most stainless steel products 3monkeez wedge wire is resistant to the elements and provides a long lasting solution to drainage and screening.


Profiles Available


WW-G100 Wire Size = 2.25mmWx3.5mmH gap 5.00mm
Support Bars = 3.00mmWx6.25mmD gap 16mm
WW-G200 Wire Size = 3.05mmWx4.25mmH gap 3.55mm
Support Bars = 3.00mmWx6.25mmD gap 23mm
WW-G300 Wire Size = 5.00mmWx5.00mmH gap 5.00mm
Support bars = 3.00mmWx12.00mmD gap 22.00mm

So if you’re in the business of supplying quality drainage or screening solutions, contact the 3monkeez to discuss your wedge wire requirements.


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