3monkeez has just donated to the 28th Mens Shed in Tasmania. The products that were donated are a Urinette with Spreader and Domed Grate, a Flushpipe, a Sparge Adaptor and a Pull Chain Cistern. These products will be used in the making of the new shed.

3monkeez takes great pride in being able to help out with this project. We would also like to share with you the responses we received when we advised the Mens Shed of our decision to donate the items:

“Good morning Alicia,
Thank you so much for your generosity and please extend these thoughts to the 3Monkeez, if in fact, there are three. Peter Shelley, the chairman for the Mens Shed committee, will be in touch with you to express appreciation, I have asked that he thank you in particular.
An experience like this is quite amazing and a treasure to keep. I made a call for information and was passed to you, no face, just a name and the sound of a voice. What impressed me most, was your interest in what I was asking about.
I have been most fortunate in what I have learned and been able to do in my life. There have been a number of firsts before I left New Zealand, then a number of firsts here in Australia. If you travel across the Sydney harbour bridge in what was the express lane, the mechanism that accepted payment, at that time, was something that I constructed. The Australian heart pacemaker was another of the things that I made.
Today, besides the plumbing, I do Aluminium and Stainless Steel fabrication, albiet in a small way (when I saw the Urinette, I was tempted to make it myself, but the pressing for the outlet would have caused me a problem, as well as the rolled edge. On that subject, I must congratulate 3Monkeez on the design of that unit, it is so simple, so practical, it is perfect for it’s application.)  I also started rotational moulding of polyethylene in Tasmania, moulding marine buoys in particular. We, that is my beautiful wife of forty six years, and I, have been lucky enough to export, in a very small way, to places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thursday Island and Antarctica.
The reason I mention this, is very few people take the time to show any interest in what other people do. You were different and because of that, a magical thing has happened, for me and the Mens Shed and because of that, many people will benefit, I am sure.
Thank you again!
Best wishes and regards, Dennis”


“Dear Alicia,  

The Channel Men’s Shed Inc committee is very grateful for your donation to us of the Urinette and cistern as arranged with one of our members, Mr Dennis O’Donnell.
Your support for our community based “Men’s Shed” will assist us greatly with our project.
So far we have received fantastic support from local individuals and businesses keen to see this community project become reality as soon as possible.   Our committee first met in June 2011 to discuss the idea of a “Men’s Shed” in our community. Local council has provided us with the land, we have had a building of 40m x 13 m donated to us together with concreting, electrical etc.
Thanks to companies like yours, our project should be operational by July this year.
We aim to recognise all donors on our website when it is constructed so you will be able to keep in touch with our progress.
Thank you again for your wonderful support.
Yours sincerely,
Peter Shelley
Founding Chair
Channel Men’s Shed Inc.”


Dennis, we appreciate the heartfelt and touching email, we also thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to this project and wish the Mens Shed well for the future and appreciate what you do for the community and look forward to seeing it continuing well into the future.

Peter, thank you for the letter and email. We are grateful and thankful to have been given the opportunity to help the Men’s Shed and were more than happy to donate those items to you. We very much appreciate the letter of thanks and wish the Men’s Shed well for the future, for the current one in building and for all others. You will have to keep in contact with us and let us know how the project is going and also when it is up and running. It is a great thing you and other volunteers do for the boys/men in the community and all others who are in any way helped by you. Thank you again.


If you wish to read more on the Mens Sheds in Tasmania, please visit their website: