3monkeez have just donated a knee operated hand basin to HopeStreet’s Back Shed Cafe. Upon learning from the local council that they required a hands free basin in their premises, George, from HopeStreet found 3monkeez and we were more than happy to help.

HopeStreet is a registered charity, that has been operating in Woolloomooloo/ Darlinghurst for approximately 20 years. The cafe – called the Back Shed Cafe, is at the heart of what we do. It sits in Tom Uren Square where currently 60 rough sleepers bed down each night. Nearby, is the Mathew Talbot Hostel, where about another 100 homeless men sleep in dormitory accommodation.

The cafe is a really inclusive gathering hub for the homeless & marginalised community that call the area home. Loneliness, is often the most crippling of all human challenges, and in this little cafe the atmosphere is one of compassion, inclusiveness and empowerment. The cafe also also acts as a kind of interface between staff and the local community. The usual structures in social welfare organisations, of appointments, waiting rooms, talking to clients behind screens is done away with in this space. The cafe represents a really organic, natural way for relationships to occur, and it is out of these relationships, that people may tell us their needs and assistance can be offered.

Although overseen by HopeStreet staff, the cafe runs largely by volunteers sourced from within the local community. Below are some photos, that try and capture the vibe of the place, and the progress of the makeover.

“On behalf of HopeStreet, I really want to extend a huge thanks for your kind donation to our cafe makeover. I do sincerely thank you. We hadn’t budgeted for a hands free wash basin – not realising that it was a Council regulation, and your donation really helps us out big time.”

“On behalf of HopeStreet, I really want to extend a huge thanks for your kind donation to our cafe makeover. The knee operated hands free basin arrived TODAY & it is fantastic! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU”

Please click here to visit the HopeStreet website or to make a donation.