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Floor Trough (M-FT-4)

This floor trough, manufactured to your specific requirements, is typically used for commercial applications, ensuring that hazardous surface water is efficiently drained away. Manufactured with your choice of 3monkeez grating, particles larger than the clearance in the grating remain on the surface, keeping unwanted trash from your drainage system.

Choose your required length, width, outlet size and desired grating option.

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Technical Data

Floor Trough 4


Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured to required length and width, using a choice of either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel
  • Optional fixed secondary strainer and removable strainer basket
  • Size and position of the outlet is manufactured to thecustomer’s requirements
  • Typically used for commercial applications
  • Manufactured with your choice of grating
  • Loading as required
  • Custom made product incurs a lead time
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