Perhaps your commercial kitchen is running out of space and you are searching for innovative means to properly store your cups, glasses, bar ware or small serving dishes. There are many different options to choose from when considering major changes within any large kitchen area. Considering the adjustable glass racks for your mugs, glasses and bar ware items is truly the perfect storage solution for these hard to organize items.

The first thing one must consider is how your items are being stored at this current time and whether or not you are happy with the way in which they are being stored. Utilizing an adjustable glass rack will completely keep your drink ware in order and make them easily accessible for your kitchen staff.

The adjustable glass rack is made from a 304 grade stainless steel product ensuring that you are purchasing a quality product that has been made to last. This glass rack has a built in stainless steel drip tray so that any water reside left on the glasses will stay on the rack instead of dripping all over your kitchen floor.

The notched channel welded to the frame allows you to install the stainless steel flat bar supports at the height that you need. The pre-drilled fixing holes are for under counter or under bench mounting so the rack can be installed inside a cabinet if needed. Quality made with 19mm 304 grade stainless steel square tube, you can be assured that this product is manufactured to undergo much usage.

You will be quite surprised to know that the adjustable glass racks can quickly and easily be installed at your location once you have received the item. Installation is simple enough that once you have followed the instructions and you have set the rack in place, you will be able to immediately begin utilizing the rack to store your items neatly and efficiently.

For your entire commercial kitchen bar ware, cups, mugs, glasses or small serving dishes storage solution, take advantage of the adjustable glass racks to help you organize these items. Get Yours Today!