The Perfect Choice for Any Food Preparation Facility

Stainless steel bowls are a great choice for installation in any kitchen, including those of restaurants, caterers and other food preparers. In fact, stainless steels qualities of durability and corrosion resistance, as well as its hygienic properties and its heat and stain resistance, place stainless at the top of the list for the best construction material in a modern food preparation facility.

3monkeez is the premier provider of quality productsstainless steel products. We sell a variety of stainless steel bowls and other products; we have one to meet the needs of any kitchen application. These bowls are highly strong and durable, yet surprisingly light, offering a number of different installation options, including under counter mounting. This steel resists corrosion and oxidation, providing a long lasting bowl for your food preparation and clean-up.

Why Stainless Steel Bowls?

Stainless steel is a great choice due to its hygienic nature, as well. Stainless is easy to clean and simple to keep germ free. This metal alloy is naturally hygienic, thus it does not require harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals to clean up. Stainless is a composition alloy, the various metals all fused together and thoroughly bonded. Thus, stainless requires no sealers or additional top coats of any kind, meaning nothing can chip off or peel later – Stainless also does not allow errant particles to enter food or preparation areas, and maintains its original finish and appearance for a long time. This lack of required coatings, and its excellent recyclability, makes stainless steel a very environmentally acceptable choice as well.

Stainless steel can be easily fabricated into a variety of forms and aesthetics. From drop mounted sinks to under cabinet mounts, from prep area grate covers to ice wells and scrap traps, 3monkeez has the stainless steel application to meet any customer’s needs. These bowls can be manufactured to any customer’s specifications, allowing versatility and a true, seamless fit in any application. Call 3monkeez today to discuss how we can design a custom solution for your stainless steel needs!

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