3monkeez offers a complete line of stainless steel grating for all of your residential or commercial needs. Installing a swimming pool? Surrounding it with stainless grating is an excellent way to keep splashed water to a minimum and to alleviate the dangers associated with falling near the pool. Or perhaps you have just added a new garage and want to install a drainage system to reduce standing water on your driveway?

Stainless grating is the perfect solution to either of these situations and many more. 3monkeez is here to meet all of your needs and we will ensure that when your grating arrives, it meets your exact specifications. Years of experience in the building industry enable us to work harder for you, and we know what it means to provide superior stainless products for our customers.

There are a few different stainless grating profiles available, including wedge wire and square bar. Regardless of which profile type you select, 3monkeez will ensure that it is expertly cut to your exact specifications. And, there are also many different grades of stainless grating available. You can specify the use and we will help select the right grade for you. Don’t forget to check out our line of grate frames to ensure that your stainless grating is properly installed and situated.
If you are unfamiliar with stainless grating, take a few moments to review our integrated spec sheets. Or contact us today to determine why this product will help to meet your individual needs.

Stainless grating from 3monkeez is yet “another great idea”!

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