It is a problem encountered by many businesses. Floor drainage can be an issue for all locations, including commercial kitchens and balconies. Standing water is not only dangerous for customers and employees, but can be unsightly and unsanitary. 3monkeez trained customer service agents are available to work with businesses to find the perfect drainage solution for any commercial location.

The ability to produce custom, made to order, stainless steel products allows 3monkeez to provide the best solutions for the commercial plumbing and catering industries. Floor grating can be one of the easiest solutions for commercial plumbers to provide their clients with the best option for floor drainage to maintain sanitary kitchen conditions. With floor grates in many shapes and sizes, along with the ability to custom fabricate specialty parts, 3monkeez can provide the best solution for any application.

From light commercial food preparation areas to heavy duty carwash areas and construction sites, 3monkeez stainless steel floor grate solutions help keep businesses clean and sanitary. All manufactured stainless steel floor grates are easy to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Stainless steel floor grates are ideal for large shower areas, such as locker room showers. Construction sites are another location where stainless steel makes sense. With heavy traffic into and out of construction entry gates, mud and debris can build up and hold water, making conditions muddy and hazardous. Stainless steel floor grates can provide a safe option for entry into high traffic areas.

Stainless steel is weatherproof and rustproof, providing many years of service in almost any application. With custom manufacturing options available, 3monkeez can make a stainless steel floor grate for almost any application. If you are looking for a solution to floor drainage and water drainage for high traffic areas, call 3monkeez today and talk to one of their trained customer service professionals.

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