When space is limited but hygiene is essential there needs to be a facility for washing hands. For small areas in airports, restaurants, school canteens, hospitals, cloakrooms and in private homes where space is minimal stainless steel compact hand basins are the answer. They come in every shape and size and can even be custom made. Mounted on the wall they are round, oval, square and half circle with splash guards or not. They can fit in corners and be hand free which means the water is operated with the knee leaving both hands free for washing. Whether in a public place or private home once it is installed it will be difficult to imagine how you lived without it.

As small as 230 mm from the wall these basins will be very handy. They can have tap holes on the left or right or both and look attractive and work well in a small guest bathroom. If you live in a flat and the bathroom is to tiny to be believed a compact hand basin will take up less space leaving more for the WC or a designer roll top bath. Maybe you need a place to wash the hands in the garage before people enter the house. A compact hand basin will leave space for all the storage items and if it is hand free you can wash your greasy or dusty hands without touching anything.

Compact hand basins are also great to encourage children to wash properly. Install a hand basin that is small and at their level will be fun and personal for learning hygiene. Also, if there is a small area that would be ideal for a refreshment bar a compact hand basin would fit perfectly no matter what the shape of the space because it could be custom designed.

For commercial uses where space is at a premium in portable buildings, office washrooms, restrooms in restaurants, clubs and public amenities the stainless steel compact hand basin fits perfectly. Especially places where washing the hands is mandatory for people handling food. It is an easy and convenient way to help people stay clean.