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Compact Dual Hob Mount Pre-Rinse with Pot Filler

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T-3M53015-C / T-3M53058-C

Technical Data

Features and Benefits 

  • Full stainless steel construction 

  • Compact model designed for applications where space saving is a priority

  • Equipped with a water saving 6 star 4LPM variable trigger valve

  • Wall bracket included

  • Available with 6” or 12” pot filler – 3 star 8LPM

  • Fully assembled and bench tested, with a unique traceable serial number

Working pressure range 150kPa-500kPa„

Maximum operating temperature 80 degrees

Code: T-3M53015-C (6" Pot Filler); T-3M53058-C (12" Pot Filler)

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