Cleaning Stainless Steel Products


Stainless Steel products may be a little higher in price than other material products, however they portray the appearance of always being attractive and clean. There are special cleaning practices that one must take to keep them looking their best, but the frequency and the cost of cleaning stainless steel products is considerably lower than other material products. All stainless steel finishes and grade have the risk of becoming stained, discoloured and can attain a layer of built up grime during normal usage practices. As long as the proper stainless steel products are purchases for their intended use, stainless steel products can provide many years of great service with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Why Maintenance is Necessary

Despite how sturdy and strong stainless steel products are, there are certain factors and conditions that can damage these products if proper cleaning and maintenance are not performed. Naturally occurring conditions within the atmosphere where these products are located results in deposits being left on the stainless steel surfaces that can be very corrosive. Stainless Steel can contaminate like iron and rust and salt will actually eat at the surface of the product, resulting in pitting, staining and discolouration of the material.

Stainless steel products that are used in areas that are warm in temperature but high in humidity, such as indoor swimming pools, can cause corrosive conditions that can be aggressive in nature. Stainless steel products within these types of environments should be cleaned and maintained more frequently. When chemicals are present, there are certain factors to take into consideration when dealing with stainless steel. For example many modern cleaning processes call for use of cleaners, sterilisers and bleached for sanitation purposes. This is especially true in commercial kitchen settings. These products are safe when used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, but if they are used incorrectly, the result can be discolouration or corrosion to the surface of the material. Strong acidic cleaners or products should never be used on any metal products, including stainless steel. If this does happen, the area should be flushed continuously with fresh water.

Maintenance during Installation

After installing new stainless steel products, they should be thoroughly cleaned with regular cleaning procedures. If installation is for food handling, pharmaceutical purposes or aerospace applications, extremely high levels of cleanliness should be applied.

On Going Maintenance

Stainless steel products should be cleaned when dirty in order to restore their original appearance. The actually cleaning schedule can be anywhere from four times a year to once a day, depending on the use of the stainless steel product. For products such as counter spaces, utility sinks and like use products you should thoroughly clean them after each use. It is important when dealing with stainless steel to make sure that they are completely dried with a towel or clean, dry cloth to prevent water stains from developing.

Good Housekeeping during Manufacturing

When manufacturing stainless steel products it is important to prevent the contamination of the stainless steel by pick-up of carbon steel or free iron. This is the main reason why most stainless steel manufacturers prefer to have work areas and machinery dedicated only to stainless steel products. For work areas that also work with other steels, pick up of the carbon steel should be avoided from:

Working with tools that are used with other metals.


  • Wire brushes, Grinding Wheels and finishing belts.
  • Steel storage racks
  • Grinding or Welding spark contamination
  • Employees handling equipment
  • Carbon steel fabrication work done adjacently

Cleaning Methods

Stainless steel is an easy to clean metal. Using a mild soap or detergent and warm water, thoroughly clean the stainless steel surface. Rinse well with clean water. Using a clean, dry towel or cloth; wipe the surface dry to prevent water spot stains from forming.


To keep stainless steel products looking their best there are certain precautions that one should take when dealing with chemicals used on their stainless steel products. Some chemicals that require special use when used on stainless steel products include acids, solvents and chlorides.

When you handle acids always wear gloves and safety glasses. Special care should be taken to guarantee that acids do not spill over to adjacent areas. Residue from acids should be flushed to carry them to a treated waste stream. When diluting, you should always add acid into water and not water into the acid. This can cause adverse reactions and splashing. Glass or plastic containers should always be used with acids. To guarantee that there is no dulling of the stainless steel surface, you should try a small test on an underside of the product that is not visible. When you are done with the cleaning process using the acid, make sure that you thoroughly rinse the cleaning solution from the stainless steel product.

Solvents should never be used in confined spaces to clean stainless steel. Often times they can omit harmful gases that can become harmful when inhaled. Smoking should be avoided when using solvents as cleaners.

Many cleaning agents contain chlorides. For any cleaners that contain chlorides, hypochlorites or bleaches that are used on stainless steel products, they must be cleaned off immediately following the cleaning process with clear water, followed by a thorough drying process.


Ice Wells

Do you need a high quality stainless steel Ice Well for your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have Ice Wells to suit any commercial client. Businesses can choose from standard size Ice Wells, large size Ice Wells or custom-manufactured Ice Wells. Ice Wells by 3monkeez are ready to be welded in and can be supplied with a raised wet area or made to be flush with any bench top. If you need an Ice Well, we guarantee to have a solution that meets your needs.

All Ice Wells supplied by 3monkeez have been properly insulated with urethane insulation, to ensure the temperature remains consistent. The stainless steel is high quality 304 grade and comes complete with a flange that’s perfect for fixing. To find out more about our industry-leading range of Ice Wells please contact us today and discover why we are Australia’s first choice when it comes to Ice Wells.


Plumbing & Sanitary

3monkeez has all the plumbing and sanitary equipment needed to ensure your business has the best bathroom facilities. We stock a wide range of urinals and cisterns that are perfect for both temporary and permanent use. All our urinals are made to be both economical and durable.

If you are in need of a temporary plumbing and sanitary solution our wall hung urinals or “urinettes” are ideal. They are simply to install, easy to clean and can even be made to your requirements. These types of urinals are commonly utilised for use in site sheds, at events or even in mobile ablution amenities.

3monkeez also stocks a fine range of cisterns; including those that are operated by a stainless steel pull chain and those that are operated by pushing a button (both single flush and dual flush). To find out more information about our plumbing and sanitary solutions, please contact us today.


Floor Grates

It is a problem encountered by many businesses. Floor drainage can be an issue for all locations, including commercial kitchens and balconies. Standing water is not only dangerous for customers and employees, but can be unsightly and unsanitary. 3monkeez trained customer service agents are available to work with businesses to find the perfect drainage solution for any commercial location.

The ability to produce custom, made to order, stainless steel products allows 3monkeez to provide the best solutions for the commercial plumbing and catering industries. Floor grating can be one of the easiest solutions for commercial plumbers to provide their clients with the best option for floor drainage to maintain sanitary kitchen conditions. With floor grates in many shapes and sizes, along with the ability to custom fabricate specialty parts, 3monkeez can provide the best solution for any application.

From light commercial food preparation areas to heavy duty carwash areas and construction sites, 3monkeez stainless steel floor grate solutions help keep businesses clean and sanitary. All manufactured stainless steel floor grates are easy to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Stainless steel floor grates are ideal for large shower areas, such as locker room showers. Construction sites are another location where stainless steel makes sense. With heavy traffic into and out of construction entry gates, mud and debris can build up and hold water, making conditions muddy and hazardous. Stainless steel floor grates can provide a safe option for entry into high traffic areas.

Stainless steel is weatherproof and rustproof, providing many years of service in almost any application. With custom manufacturing options available, 3monkeez can make a stainless steel floor grate for almost any application. If you are looking for a solution to floor drainage and water drainage for high traffic areas, call 3monkeez today and talk to one of their trained customer service professionals.

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Stainless Steel Bowls The Perfect Choice for Any Food Preparation Facility

The Perfect Choice for Any Food Preparation Facility

Stainless steel bowls are a great choice for installation in any kitchen, including those of restaurants, caterers and other food preparers. In fact, stainless steels qualities of durability and corrosion resistance, as well as its hygienic properties and its heat and stain resistance, place stainless at the top of the list for the best construction material in a modern food preparation facility.

3monkeez is the premier provider of quality productsstainless steel products. We sell a variety of stainless steel bowls and other products; we have one to meet the needs of any kitchen application. These bowls are highly strong and durable, yet surprisingly light, offering a number of different installation options, including under counter mounting. This steel resists corrosion and oxidation, providing a long lasting bowl for your food preparation and clean-up.

Why Stainless Steel Bowls?

Stainless steel is a great choice due to its hygienic nature, as well. Stainless is easy to clean and simple to keep germ free. This metal alloy is naturally hygienic, thus it does not require harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals to clean up. Stainless is a composition alloy, the various metals all fused together and thoroughly bonded. Thus, stainless requires no sealers or additional top coats of any kind, meaning nothing can chip off or peel later – Stainless also does not allow errant particles to enter food or preparation areas, and maintains its original finish and appearance for a long time. This lack of required coatings, and its excellent recyclability, makes stainless steel a very environmentally acceptable choice as well.

Stainless steel can be easily fabricated into a variety of forms and aesthetics. From drop mounted sinks to under cabinet mounts, from prep area grate covers to ice wells and scrap traps, 3monkeez has the stainless steel application to meet any customer’s needs. These bowls can be manufactured to any customer’s specifications, allowing versatility and a true, seamless fit in any application. Call 3monkeez today to discuss how we can design a custom solution for your stainless steel needs!

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The Benefits of Stainless Steel Products – Part 2

5. A Healthy Environment For Commercial Businesses
Stainless Steel Products are the most hygienic choice for commercial businesses because they are extremely easy to clean. This is why products, such as Stainless Steel Sinks, are the ideal choice for restaurants, food processing plants, kitchens, hotels, hospitals, abattoirs and entertainment venues. Because products, like Stainless Steel Sinks, are so easy to clean, this makes the commercial business a healthy environment that benefits both customers and employees.

6. Freezing Cold Resistance For Commercial Environments 
Stainless Steel Products are not only very resistant to fire, but they can also withstand freezing conditions. Products, such as Stainless Steel Sinks, can even be designed to suit cryogenic applications. If any commercial business deals with cold conditions, Stainless Steel Products aren’t just the ideal choice, they are required for the business to function properly.

7. Long-Term Value For Business Owners 
Investing in these types of products, like Stainless Steel Sinks, makes financial sense to business owners because once all the total life cycle costs are considered, Stainless Steel Products represent the least expensive option for commercial businesses. Stainless Steel Products also have excellent durability, which means they will last a lot longer than other

8. Low Leaching Levels For Clean Water 
Leaching refers to how water quality is affected by the products. For any commercial business that requires fresh flowing clean water, products that have a low leaching level are a necessity. Tests that have been performed all over the world have concluded that Stainless Steel Products, like Stainless Steel Sinks, have very low leaching levels.

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The Benefits of Stainless Steel Products – Part 1

1. Great Corrosion Resistance For Commercial Environments
Low alloyed grade Stainless Steel Products are able to resist corrosion in atmospheric conditions and environments with heavy pure water flow. High alloyed grade Stainless Steel Products are able to resist chlorine bearing environments, heavy duty acids, strong alkaline solutions and even properties which are utilized in many commercial businesses.

2. Strong Aesthetic Appeal For Both Customers & Employees
Stainless Steel Products are a popular choice for commercial businesses because they have a strong aesthetic appeal. The shiny, easily maintainable and bright surface of stainless steel makes it ideal for business environments because of its easy to clean and has an attractive appearance.

3. Intense Fire & Heat Resistance For Commercial Environments 
Stainless Steel Products are made using a special high chromium and nickel-allowed grade that is designed to resist extreme temperatures. Commercial businesses, especially restaurants, often expose their equipment to these high temperatures, so it’s important to have products that can withstand the heat. Also, if there is a fire, Stainless Steel Products will not burn, so they are not considered a fire hazard.

4. Easily Shaped For Custom Business Needs
The modern-day techniques used to make Stainless Steel Products have steadily improved over the last ten years. Stainless Steel can now be easily welded, formed, cut, machined and fabricated as readily as traditional steels, to suit any business requirement. This means that commercial businesses can source custom-designed Stainless Steel Products to suit any need.

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The Advantages of Using Products From Stainless Steel Plumbing Suppliers

Products offered by stainless steel plumbing suppliers are in increasing demand because they offer commercial businesses a wide range of environmental and economic advantages.

Environmental Advantages

  • Unlike other plumbing supplies made from other steels, products from stainless steel plumbing suppliers can be used in all types of water and can withstand excessive water flow, with extremely low leaching levels. This means that the leaching of constituent alloys by stainless steel falls within the limits that have been set by the Government for any products that come in contact with drinking water that can be accessed by the public.
  • The installation of products from stainless steel plumbing suppliers is easy, clean and quick. If the installation is carried out correctly, stainless steel plumbing supplies do not contaminate the system and reduce flushing times.
  • Stainless steel products are fully recyclable, which is why they are the number one choice around the world for commercial businesses looking to increase their carbon footprint.

Economic Advantages

  • Commercial businesses often utilise products from stainless steel plumbing suppliers because they have a huge expected lifetime of more than 50 years.
  • Stainless steel plumbing supplies require no extra coating, which cuts installation costs.
  • Generally, there is very little maintenance required on a stainless steel plumbing system. If maintenance is required, it is cheaper and more cost effective than it would be if the business used competing materials, especially if replacement parts are needed.

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Commercial Catering Equipment

If you are a provider of commercial catering equipment to the catering industry, it is vital that you provide caterers with quality products that allow them to provide the best catering service possible to their customers. Sourcing high quality components for commercial catering equipment at cost effective prices can often be a difficult task, which is why it’s essential to find a provider who can offer all this and more. 3monkeez is an example of one such provider.

3monkeez has been providing stainless steel components for commercial catering equipment for years and in doing so have become the industry leader in Australia. 3monkeez has the capacity to buy in bulk and are therefore able to pass these savings onto you, their client. No other provider of stainless steel components can offer the service, quality and value for money that is offered by 3monkeez, which is why so many commercial businesses are reliant on 3monkeez whenever they require stainless steel components.

3monkeez make it their job to listen to their clients and provide them with the best possible service. Unlike other providers who only offer what’s on the shelves, 3monkeez can actually custom manufacture their range of stainless steel components to suit any client’s requirements. So when it comes to the supply of plumbing equipment and stainless steel components to the catering industry, look no further than 3monkeez.

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Stainless Steel Bowls

Stainless steel bowls are essential for the success of any commercial business that requires a fully functioning kitchen. When it comes to choosing stainless steel bowls for your commercial kitchen you typically choose between inset bowls or pressed bowls, both of which are readily available at any quality commercial plumbing supplies provider, like 3monkeez.

Both types of stainless steel bowls serve different purposes, so if you are unsure as to which bowl is right for your business it’s worthwhile contacting a specialist like 3monkeez. 3monkeez has been supplying stainless steel bowls to commercial businesses in Australia for years and is one of the most reputable providers of plumbing supplies in the industry. If you can’t find the right sized stainless steel bowl in their range, 3monkeez will even manufacture a bowl to suit your unique business requirements and get it to you with super fast delivery.

Stainless steel bowls are one of the most popular choices for commercial businesses because they are more economical then hand fabricated bowls, are very easy to install and are quite cost effective. Both inset bowls and pressed bowls are used as sinks and are readily installed into most benches by either mounting them underneath the sink or mounting them so they are flush. When it comes to quality stainless steel bowls for your commercial business, 3monkeez has got you covered.

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Plumbing Supplies

When commercial businesses need new plumbing supplies or they need to make repairs to their business’s existing plumbing system, they need to make sure they buy plumbing supplies that are cost-effective and built to endure rigorous use. Stainless steel plumbing suppliesStainless steel plumbing supplies are known for being the best plumbing supplies in the business and are used by many commercial businesses and industry professionals. 3monkeez is one of Australia’s most reputable providers of stainless steel plumbing supplies to commercial businesses.

The plumbing in every commercial business is not something to take lightly. A single leak or crack could result in massive loss of revenue, especially if the business is reliant on the plumbing system to function. These types of businesses include hotels, schools, motels, restaurants, shopping centres and construction sites. This is why it’s essential for any commercial business to ensure they get their stainless steel plumbing supplies from a provider who has been servicing these types of businesses for years, like 3monkeez.

3monkeez can provide stainless steel plumbing supplies to suit all budgets. 3monkeez has applied the knowledge gained from their extensive experience in the pluming industry to provide the best range of stainless steelstainless steel plumbing supplies available on the Australian market. There isn’t a plumbing problem that 3monkeez hasn’t got a solution for.

When it comes to faulty plumbing in commercial businesses it’s important to get the plumbing back up and running as quickly as possible, that’s why 3monkeez has expert staff on the line now ready to take the call. When it comes to quality stainless steelplumbing supplies, commercial businesses in Australia can always rely on 3monkeez.

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Stainless Grating

3monkeez offers a complete line of stainless steel grating for all of your residential or commercial needs. Installing a swimming pool? Surrounding it with stainless grating is an excellent way to keep splashed water to a minimum and to alleviate the dangers associated with falling near the pool. Or perhaps you have just added a new garage and want to install a drainage system to reduce standing water on your driveway?

Stainless grating is the perfect solution to either of these situations and many more. 3monkeez is here to meet all of your needs and we will ensure that when your grating arrives, it meets your exact specifications. Years of experience in the building industry enable us to work harder for you, and we know what it means to provide superior stainless products for our customers.

There are a few different stainless grating profiles available, including wedge wire and square bar. Regardless of which profile type you select, 3monkeez will ensure that it is expertly cut to your exact specifications. And, there are also many different grades of stainless grating available. You can specify the use and we will help select the right grade for you. Don’t forget to check out our line of grate frames to ensure that your stainless grating is properly installed and situated.
If you are unfamiliar with stainless grating, take a few moments to review our integrated spec sheets. Or contact us today to determine why this product will help to meet your individual needs.

Stainless grating from 3monkeez is yet “another great idea”!

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Stainless Steel Products

You’ve come to the right place for the best stainless steel products in the industry. 3monkeez supplies commercial establishments with a variety of superior stainless steel products for your catering and plumbing needs.

3monkeez commercial tap ware line includes pre-rinse units that can be either hob or wall mounted. The wall mounted units can be concealed or exposed. We have Royale sink mixers and Basin mixers. And our stainless steel Autoflo sensor tap can also be either hob or wall mounted.

Our stainless steel hand basins are offered in a several different sizes and styles including one for the corner wall. Check out our hands-free knee operated basin the most hygienic & robust solution on the market today. At opposite ends in size, 3monkeez offers a compact hand basin right through to a jumbo basin.
3monkeez has many other products including stainless steel wash and bubbler troughs as well as Sydney Water Board Approved scraptraps and sink wastes which are available in standard or designer styles.

3monkeez also sells stainless steel drawers which can be ordered with or without a lock. Our grating and channel line includesfloor troughsfloor grates with frame, and grating profiles in different designs. The pressed bowls come in oblong, oval and round and are available in several sizes.

3monkeez has everything that you need and with first class service and delivery.

Contact us now using the convenient form on this site or give us a call and let us show you our superior stainless steel products.

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Utilizing Your New Adjustable Glass Racks

Perhaps your commercial kitchen is running out of space and you are searching for innovative means to properly store your cups, glasses, bar ware or small serving dishes. There are many different options to choose from when considering major changes within any large kitchen area. Considering the adjustable glass racks for your mugs, glasses and bar ware items is truly the perfect storage solution for these hard to organize items.

The first thing one must consider is how your items are being stored at this current time and whether or not you are happy with the way in which they are being stored. Utilizing an adjustable glass rack will completely keep your drink ware in order and make them easily accessible for your kitchen staff.

The adjustable glass rack is made from a 304 grade stainless steel product ensuring that you are purchasing a quality product that has been made to last. This glass rack has a built in stainless steel drip tray so that any water reside left on the glasses will stay on the rack instead of dripping all over your kitchen floor.

The notched channel welded to the frame allows you to install the stainless steel flat bar supports at the height that you need. The pre-drilled fixing holes are for under counter or under bench mounting so the rack can be installed inside a cabinet if needed. Quality made with 19mm 304 grade stainless steel square tube, you can be assured that this product is manufactured to undergo much usage.

You will be quite surprised to know that the adjustable glass racks can quickly and easily be installed at your location once you have received the item. Installation is simple enough that once you have followed the instructions and you have set the rack in place, you will be able to immediately begin utilizing the rack to store your items neatly and efficiently.

For your entire commercial kitchen bar ware, cups, mugs, glasses or small serving dishes storage solution, take advantage of the adjustable glass racks to help you organize these items. Get Yours Today!


Compact Hand Basins

When space is limited but hygiene is essential there needs to be a facility for washing hands. For small areas in airports, restaurants, school canteens, hospitals, cloakrooms and in private homes where space is minimal stainless steel compact hand basins are the answer. They come in every shape and size and can even be custom made. Mounted on the wall they are round, oval, square and half circle with splash guards or not. They can fit in corners and be hand free which means the water is operated with the knee leaving both hands free for washing. Whether in a public place or private home once it is installed it will be difficult to imagine how you lived without it.

As small as 230 mm from the wall these basins will be very handy. They can have tap holes on the left or right or both and look attractive and work well in a small guest bathroom. If you live in a flat and the bathroom is to tiny to be believed a compact hand basin will take up less space leaving more for the WC or a designer roll top bath. Maybe you need a place to wash the hands in the garage before people enter the house. A compact hand basin will leave space for all the storage items and if it is hand free you can wash your greasy or dusty hands without touching anything.

Compact hand basins are also great to encourage children to wash properly. Install a hand basin that is small and at their level will be fun and personal for learning hygiene. Also, if there is a small area that would be ideal for a refreshment bar a compact hand basin would fit perfectly no matter what the shape of the space because it could be custom designed.

For commercial uses where space is at a premium in portable buildings, office washrooms, restrooms in restaurants, clubs and public amenities the stainless steel compact hand basin fits perfectly. Especially places where washing the hands is mandatory for people handling food. It is an easy and convenient way to help people stay clean.


The Advantages of Using Products From Stainless Steel Plumbing Suppliers

Products offered by stainless steel plumbing suppliers are in increasing demand because they offer commercial businesses a wide range of environmental and economic advantages.

Environmental Advantages

  • Unlike other plumbing supplies made from other steels, products from stainless steel plumbing suppliers can be used in all types of water and can withstand excessive water flow, with extremely low leaching levels. This means that the leaching of constituent alloys by stainless steel falls within the limits that have been set by the Government for any products that come in contact with drinking water that can be accessed by the public.
  • The installation of products from stainless steel plumbing suppliers is easy, clean and quick. If the installation is carried out correctly, stainless steel plumbing supplies do not contaminate the system and reduce flushing times.
  • Stainless steel products are fully recyclable, which is why they are the number one choice around the world for commercial businesses looking to increase their carbon footprint.

Economic Advantages

  • Commercial businesses often utilise products from stainless steel plumbing suppliers because they have a huge expected lifetime of more than 50 years.
  • Stainless steel plumbing supplies require no extra coating, which cuts installation costs.
  • Generally, there is very little maintenance required on a stainless steel plumbing system. If maintenance is required, it is cheaper and more cost effective than it would be if the business used competing materials, especially if replacement parts are needed.

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Why Stainless Steel Components are Essential as Part of Commercial Catering Equipment

The commercial catering industry provides a valuable service to modern society through their combining the offerings of a restaurant with the culinary needs of a client. Catering services may be used to bring food to guests at special occasions or events, like weddings, parties, anniversaries, and other notable gatherings. Catering companies bring good food to hungry guests, sometimes even preparing the food as well as delivering it to potential clients at a time and location agreed upon by the catering company and client. The majority of catering companies bring pre-prepared food to the site and are in charge of serving it efficiently to the guests in attendance.

The catering industry is committed to excellence in food preparation and delivery. As a result, catering companies take extra steps to maintain hygiene in their products and equipment, ensuring that food is delivered in optimal and sanitary condition to clients and guests. Standards used by catering companies may range from ensuring staff wear proper attire to ensuring individuals engaged in food preparation and delivery use only the highest quality cookware.

As the goal of a catering company is to provide the highest quality services in food delivery or preparation, depending on the determined needs of the client, a necessary consideration involves the materials used to provide excellent service to those who have hired the company. The average catering company may have needs for stainless steel hand bowlssteel inset bowls,stainless steel pressed bowlsstainless steel hand basins, steel drawers, cleaners’ sinkssink wastes,adjustable glass racks accessories, floor wastes &bucket traps, ice wells, or a number of other components necessary to provide the highest quality service to clients. In other words, every catering company will need materials, but what should these materials be made from?

The catering industry has increasingly turned to stainless steel components for its catering material needs. Stainless steel, a modern alloy of chromium and steel, offers numerous advantages to competing materials, including its increased rust resistance in comparison to carbon steel and its modernistic look that catches the eye and radiates professionalism. Stainless steel components are essential parts of commercial catering equipment. The rust resistance offered by stainless steel is worth its weight in clientele when used for food products, which are prone to making carbon steel rust quickly. The increased rust resistance of stainless steel, combined with the professionalism it offers to those who use it, make it an essential component of commercial catering equipment.

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Glass Racks – A Stylish and Innovative Alternative

Adjustable glass racks are a fabulous alternative to the traditional shelving and racks found in many businesses and homes today. Adjustable glass is flexible, durable, cost effective, and stylish. Any homeowner or business owner can found countless uses for these innovative shelving options.

Glass racks with adjustable steel frames can have many purposes. They can be used as display shelves in homes and businesses, showing off picture frames, books, and many other products. They are strong enough to be used as art displays, wall units, and even as entertainment centres, holding televisions and DVD players. They can also be used as separators, dividing areas of an office in a more stylish manner than with cubicle walls. They can even be used as computer desks, allowing for a more stylish and flexible option to desk purchases.

Adjustable glass racks are extremely versatile. If one doesn’t like the look of the steel frames, they can be repainted to match any decor. They can be installed along walls, on floors, under desks or counters, and even on top of counters. The provide shelving options that are also attractive and architecturally unique. Flexible enough to be installed indoors and outdoors, they can add to the look of a building without major construction changes being needed.

Some people think of glass as fragile, however glass racks with adjustable steel frames are highly tested and proven to be durable options. They are strongly made and reinforced with dependable steel frames. One might think that, in order to ensure this reliability and strength, installation of the steel frames would be complicated and difficult. However, the security of the frames is found within their construction, not their installation, and they are surprisingly easy to put set up in homes, offices, and store fronts.

Cleaning glass shelves can be much easier than cleaning other types of shelving units. Simple window cleaner can be used throughout the unit in order to keep them clean and shining. For in between cleanings, dusting clothes can be swept over the tops of each shelf to easily wipe off dust and dirt. Clean glass shelves attract and reflect light, which can catch customers eyes and also provides a clean, simple background for a multitude of products.

Whatever the purpose, adjustable glass shelves can be an excellent choice. Because of the versatility and durability, they can be made to suit any space, anywhere.


Stainless Steel Ice Wells

Ice wells are a necessity for bars, pubs, clubs and any other establishment that uses a large volume of ice during the course of their business day. As it stands, ice is the single most used product in a bar setting since it is used in virtually every cocktail or drink the bar serves. It’s not always practical for an ice machine to be directly located in the bar area because they are typically large and bulky, so the bars and clubs make use of ice wells. These ice wells come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom built to the requirements of the establishment, being made to fit in particular locations. This is important when the available space may be limited.

Though the ice well comes in all shapes and sizes, the one thing that remains constant and is in fact an important feature, is that the ice wells are insulated to assist in slowing down the melting of the ice so there is less waste. Most are freestanding and they are double layered, meaning that the inner skin of the well is actually separate from the outer skin of the ice well with a layer of insulation included in between the two areas.

Despite the fact that ice wells are made of a variety of different materials, the best ones are crafted of stainless steel because they are durable and easier to clean than those made of other materials. They are also less likely to harbor any foreign bacteria which may cause illness.

There are several things that you must take into consideration before jumping in and buying just any of the ice wells available on the market, or even having one custom made. First of all, you need to consider the amount of space you have available. The amount of space available to the ice well will have to depend on the volume of ice that will be consumed in a given period of time or you will find yourself spending more time filling it than anything else. Take a good look at how your area is setup and make the best possible use of your space, allowing plenty of room for your ice well.


Stainless Steel Floor Wastes against Improper Waterproofing

According to the Building Services Authority of Australia, improper waterproofing around floor wastes may be one of Australia’s most common building faults. The floor drains in many residential and commercial buildings leak over time, creating major inconvenience and expensive repair costs for home owners and business owners.

Many floor wastes are designed with flaws that allow water seepage between the flange and the waterproofing membrane. This can cause some major water damage to the area surrounding the floor waste.

The Building Code of Australia provides detailed information on the proper materials and methods regarding waterproofing in bathrooms and other wet areas, such as water closets and laundry rooms. The building code requires professional builders to use floor waste assemblies that meet approved industry standards.

Builders are required to install floor wastes, or floor grates, in all commercial buildings in Australia. These include a variety of different institutions and professional buildings, including schools, universities, hospitals, laboratories, hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, offices, supermarkets, shopping centres, industrial buildings, and factories.

Some residential buildings also require the installation of floor waste systems. These include apartment buildings, boarding houses, and age care homes.

Floor wastes are manufactured in a variety of materials, including nickel bronze, brass, chrome-plated brass, and stainless steel. Each material has its advantages, but stainless steel is the most durable, practical, and common material for floor wastes.

Stainless steel is both an efficient and attractive choice, and it can stand up to heavy or regular use. Most stainless steel floor wastes are suitable for internal and external use. They are even safe to use in harsh chemical and marine environments.

Stainless steel floor wastes are designed as long-lasting products. Architecturally designed custom floor wastes are stylish enough match any home or business décor. They are available in a variety of designs and shapes. The most common shapes are square and round, but floor wastes can be custom made to the builder’s specifications.

Some floor wastes are specifically designed for use with waterproofing membranes. Many are also sold with protective grate covers, pivoting grate tops, and variable height adjustments. Stainless steel floor wastes are sold in several sizes to suit a variety of pipes.


Stainless Steel Urinals

What could be more fitting for a public men’s room than a urinal made of stainless steel? Stainless steel urinals are strong, durable, vandal resistant, and water-efficient. Not only do they consume less water per flush than a toilet, they are also easy to install, and do not need much space.

A good urinal will have a WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Standard) rating, which guarantees performance requirements. Stainless steel urinals are perfect for high-traffic restrooms such as those found in restaurants, schools, sports stadiums and office buildings. Moreover, the urinals are hygienic, aesthetic and made specifically to fit any business’ needs.

Businesses can save up to 15,000 gallons of water per urinal. One feature of stainless steel urinals is the flushing system. Only single user bathrooms should use manual flushing systems. However, advanced flushing systems such as timed, automatic, or waterless are very cost-effective. Timed flush urinals function at regular intervals through a constant drip-feed or electronic controller. This is wasteful when restrooms are rarely used. Automatic flush urinals have infrared sensors that only activate when necessary. As a result, toilets stay flushed and odour free. Of course, waterless urinals conserve the most water. Most waterless urinals use a cartridge insert filled with a chemical sealant that traps urine and prevents the release of odours.

Additionally, stainless steel urinals are lightweight and less fragile than porcelain mounted urinals. Besides, they are easy and quick to install. You can mount a stainless steel urinal on a platform or install it below floor level.

Similarly, a temporary stainless steel urinal offers peace of mind while participating in activities where a public restroom is not available. For example, a stainless steel urinal is useful on board a boat or any other circumstance where a toilet is not easily accessible.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, stainless steel urinals are highly stain resistant. This unique surface does not have any pores and keeps bacteria at bay. The protective surface is also vandal- resistant.

In a nutshell, stainless steel urinals are timeless, attractive and sanitary. Yet, the greatest benefits come from conserving water and reducing cost. 


What are Ice Wells and what Purpose do they Serve?

You may wonder what ice wells are, as well as what purpose they serve. Some were used for refrigeration in the days when such luxuries had yet to be produced on a mass scale. Many estates boasted ice wells made of bricks lining a pit, controlling air circulation through a domed roof. These little refrigerators provided the wealthy with a supply of cold or frozen delicacies. The privileged from all reaches of the world were blessed with these treats. However, as time passed, so did the construction of these structures. Ranging from the original brick design to today’s popular stainless steel, these ice chests have experienced a complete metamorphosis into a product designed to keep your items fresh without freezing.

As refrigeration methods have changed dramatically over the years, so have ice wells. A change in design and materials makes the product more effective in keeping things cool without freezing them. Stainless steel ice wells have become a permanent fixture in businesses such as restaurants. Like many stainless steel products, these better made ice wells ensure a better quality product, no matter the business.

Another improvement in product design is availability in a variety of sizes. Stainless steel ice wells can be shaped efficiently into ready standard sizes and custom sizes as well. Whatever your needs, you can find a size that will fit you. By searching for available companies online that deal in stainless steel products, you can find the right supplier for you. Your supplier will have other products right alongside their ready to ship stainless steel ice wells. By finding a source for one need, you can find a source for all your stainless steel needs.

Stainless steel products are strong, easy to clean and give your business a professional look. By looking for and finding quality sellers who will give you the service and care you require, taking care of your inventory and products becomes much easier. Finding the right products for your needs can give you peace of mind and the opportunity to focus more attention on other matters. Knowing you can have quick delivery on your stainless steel products can help ensure you won’t fall apart if something goes wrong with any item in your inventory. Peace of mind is a good thing to have in an economy that allows no room for error in your search for the best sales possible.

Stainless steel ice wells are an integral part of your business. You don’t have time to play guessing games when it comes to getting the most for your money. Having a selection of sizes plus the opportunity for custom made products is a key requirement. Don’t be afraid to research the sellers available to meet your needs. Compare your pricing and by doing so you will give yourself the opportunity to make new opportunities in the business world. You can take control of your assets and enjoy business and profit for a long time down the road. Carpe diem has never sounded better.


3 Monkeez on the Ground and Running in Victoria

3 Monkeez on the Ground and Running in Victoria

And he’s going BANANAS!


3monkeez are proud to announce that they now have a full time representative in Victoria .
Our Victorian Sales Manager Brad Hall brings with him a wealth of experience in retail, building and sales and is there to assist our existing and new customers in both plumbing and catering to enjoy the benefits of having the 3monkeez as part of your team.

So give Brad a ring, to get your copy of the new 3monkeez catalogue, or to discuss your business requirements and how we may be able to help.


Phone:  0422628720