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45 Degree Wall-Mount Sensor Bubbler with Metal Mouthguard Mains Operated

The 3monkeez range of high-quality sensor taps, constructed from stainless steel offers a modern design that will suit a wide range of applications. The sophisticated infrared sensor technology provides touch-free operation that is hygienic and ideally suited to public applications. This provides an environmentally friendly, water-efficient, and cost-saving option.

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Technical Data

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45 Degree Metal Mouthguard Bubbler with Wall Mount Sensor

T-3MSS-BUB45SWB (battery operated)
T-3MSS-BUB45SWM (mains operated)

Features and Benefits 

  • Infrared 6 sec timed sensor
  •  Full S/S construction
  •  Equipped with 3monkeez sensor technology for hands-free operation
  •  Sensor is wall mounted
  • Available as battery powered or mains operated
  • ½″ FI BSP Inlet
  • WELS 6 Star 1.5LPM
  • Working pressure range 150kPa-500kPa
  • Maximum operating temperature 40 degrees
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